Friends of Charlton Library Mission Statement


Enriching our community through various types of art - written, spoken, musical, drama, painted, quilted, and more - by supporting Charlton Public Library in funding programs for people of all ages, purchasing museum passes to provide access to the larger community, and gathering people together.


Charlton Public Library – It’s about so much more than books . . . . 



Friends of Charlton Public Library



       Membership Application






  Phone:      (       )                                                                      


  Annual Memberships:


               Individual Friend $12              Business Friend $50

               Family Friend      $20              Other Contribution


        Yes, I am interested in receiving emails about future meetings   and/or events


          No, I prefer to be a silent contributor.


Please make checks payable to Friends of Charlton Public Library and    return it along with this application to the circulation desk or mail to:


Friends of Charlton Public Library

40 Main St.

  Charlton, MA 01507