Meet Penny!



This program is for children in grades 1-5 who would benefit from extra help reading out loud. 

Register your child for a 15-minute session of reading out loud to Penny, our Reading Therapy Dog! Feel free to bring a book to read or borrow one from us. 

Benefits of Reading Therapy Dogs

"Pets are very nonjudgmental, and their calming presence distills stressful situations," Bridges says. "For children who feel insecure about their capacity to do things like reading, therapy pets bolster their self-confidence, which reduces their anxiety." (Read the full article here.)

About Penny

Penny is a Fox Red Labrador and is a registered and insured therapy animal with Pet Partners. She loves to listen while children read to her and will gladly accept pats and belly rubs in return! Her handler, Kim, will be in the room with Penny during the session. 

Registration instructions

Register one child ONLY for each time slot. Adult information is not required. 

Upcoming Sessions and Important Information

There are 2 time slots available for each day Penny is here. Penny takes a short break between each reader. A wait list with 2 slots are available for each day. Days and times of the sessions are based on Penny's availabilty. Registrations will be accepted by the Head of Youth Services. You will receive a confirmation email once your registration has been approved. Only one child may read per session. Multiple registrations per month will be accepted only if there are no other registrations pending. Please contact the Head of Youth Services ( with any additional questions.

Click on a date below to register. If the event is full you may register for the wait list. If there is no registration available, the wait list is full. 

Tuesday, January 30

4:15-4:30 Session

4:45-5:00 Session

Tuesday, February 6

4:15-4:30 Session

4:45-5:00 Session

Thursday, February 22

10:00-10:15 Session

10:30-10:45 Session